A Brief Note on the Efforts Made by the Team of IEMSD in Various Field
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The Institute of Environmental Management and Social Development started its work hardly about six months back. The experts responsible for establishment of the institute soon realized that no reform movement or planning could succeed without the social acceptance of people at large. It is necessary as a first step for development to bring about social change through appropriate education, training and carry out field research in various areas of the spectrum of social development. It has also been found that three major factors through which proper social development can be achieved: -

1. Media of education and training.
2. Improvement in the communication skills.
3. Producing proper material requirement for rapid social development to enhance the efficiency of management in various fields of human activities.

As a first step to start the activities of the institute, a tentative work schedule for the year 2000 to 2004 was drawn up, subject to modification according to
circumstances .

It was also soon realized that to achieve the goal of the institute, it would be necessary to establish partnership with the various organizations working in the field of interest of the institute. Keeping this end in view, IEMSD has already established sisterhood relation with the following organizations:

1.Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, U. S. A.
2. Hughes Network Systems.
3. Motorola.
4. SNS Foundation.
5. Joint Assistance Center (JAC).
6. Institute of Technology and Management.
7. Nuchem Limited.
8. Mewat Development Agency (MDA).
9. ITC Hotels Ltd.
10. S. M. Sehgal Foundation.
11. Anarde Foundation.
12. Sri Ram School.
13. Citizen Alliance for Sustainable Living.
14. Centre for Rural Development and Technology.
15. Administrative Staff College of India.
16. Manipur Development Society.
17. Dell Computer India Pvt. Ltd.
18. Working Women's Forum.
19. National Institute of Social Communication, Research & Training.
20. K.R. G. Rain water Harvesting Foundation.
21. M. S. Swaminathan Resarch Foundation.
22. Rural Community Development Society, Nagaland.
23. North-East Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi), Guwahati.
24. Bio-Con Foundation, Guwahati.
25. Downtown Charitable Trust,Guwahati.
26. Centre for Cultural Research and Documentation, Arunachal Pradesh.
27. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh Dept. of DOTc Affairs and Tuorism. 28.Federation of Industries of North East Region (FINER).

Efforts are also being made to collaborate with other organizations working in the allied field. UNDP and ADB have already recognized our efforts.

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