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India has all the potential of becoming a great economic power. It is rich in natural resources and has one of the largest pools of trained scientific and technical manpower in the world. Yet the United Nations has rated India as one of the poorest countries of the world. This is a paradoxical situation. In order to solve this puzzle in the national interest a group of highly motivated professionals drawn from various disciplines gathered together sometime back and initiated serious investigations. Their investigation prima facie has reveled the cause is the week management system and all spheres of activities and serious effort is needed to correct the present system. With this objective in view this group of dedicated professionals has established as a model, an Institution, which has been named as the " Institute of Environmental Management and Social Development." The institute was established on September 1, 2000.

The Institute of Environmental Management and Social Development has been established to provide education and training, and to carry out filed research in the vital fields of environment and social development. Which are the key factors for solving the problem created by natural and man made disasters and crisis situations

Since voluntary organizations (NGOs) are the vital link in the management as they create a bridge between the state machinery and the people it is necessary to strengthen the management system of the NGOs, which perhaps is the weakest in the link. That is why. In the scheme of action of the institute, an important programme of the institute envisages orientation programme for the social workers and the NGOs on NGO management to inculcating professionalism and NGO management in India.

The main idea envisaged in the institute's programme is to influence the above-related fields through a facility of international standards under one roof for education, training, research and reorientation. It is sought to prepare a cadre of management professionals to handle matters on environment, crisis and disaster situation (pre and post situations) in an effective professional manner and to contribute to sustainable National Development.

An expert faculty will run all the programmes of the institute. If necessary with the collaboration of Indian institute and oversees institute, as and when required for specific programmes. The graduates of IEMSD should be considered at par with the graduates of any professional institute of the world and their respective fields.

The Institute has initiated to take up consultancy, turnkey research projects, education and training programmes in the fields of Environment, Management ad Social Development. Even though the institute is fairly new it has its mark on the professional canvas and got recognition for international bodies including the London School Of Economics, Illinois Institute of Technology and UNDP.

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